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LED Globe Bulbs Bayonet

Look no further than BLT Direct when you require bayonet LED globe bulbs. We offer a wide range of bayonet bulbs, including large decorative bayonet globe light bulbs. More and more people are investing in bayonet globe bulbs to achieve the ambience and brightness that they desire. If you have any queries about our large globe light bulbs with bayonet fittings or any of the other products in our range, you are more than welcome to get in touch. Read on to learn more about why bayonet LED globe bulbs have become so popular over recent years.

Are B22 and BC LED globes the same?

Many people ask us if there is a difference between B22 and BC globe bulbs. BC is an abbreviation of ‘bayonet cap’. B22 is the same as BC, except the width is indicated, the ‘22’ is the width of the bulb cap is millimetres. We know that some of the terminology can seem complex if you don’t have vast experience in shopping for lightbulbs. This is why we invite you to contact us if there is anything you need any help with, especially when looking for bayonet LED globe bulbs.

What is the brightest BC bayonet globe bulb?

At BLT Direct, we offer a diverse range of energy-efficient LED globe lights. LED lights have become extremely popular over recent years as they allow you to get the brightness that you need whilst reducing your energy bills. This is because they are much cheaper to run than traditional halogen and incandescent lights. If you need bayonet globe bulbs with lumen ratings of over 1000, we can help.

Talk to us today if you need any help finding the right bayonet LED globe light. You can reach us by completing the form on our site. We will get back to you as soon as we possibly can. You can also give us a call on 01473 71641 for more information on our LED globe lights or any of our innovative lighting solutions.

Are globe bayonet light bulbs being phased out?

Bayonet cap bulbs are some of the most commonly found bulbs on the market and our bayonet cap LED globe bulbs are no exception. With the two most popular cap base choices being Edison screw and bayonet cap, it it very unlikely that you will see them being phased out. Most household fittings are ES or BC so this enables the bayonet globe bulbs to be used almost universally across a number of applications, namely table lamps or even decorative lighting. All our bayonet globe bulbs in this section are LED, the latest lighting technology, meaning they will not be phased out anytime soon.