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LED Golfball Light Bulbs

Any existing light fixture that uses incandescent or halogen golfball shaped light bulbs can be replaced with our range of low-energy golfball style LED light bulbs. We stock bulbs between 1 and 7 wattages (equivalent to 10 to 60 wattages) available in many base types such as ES, BC and SBC. The beautiful appearance of the low-energy golfball light bulb can be enjoyed in an environmentally friendly way, with these LED alternatives using up to 90% less energy to run. A variety of colour options are on offer at BLT direct, as well as specialist features such as dimmable and weather-proof versions.

Dimmable SBC E14 60w Equivalent

What is a golfball LED bulb?

A LED golf ball bulb is a replacement for the previously used incandescent golf ball light bulbs. The name is derived from it's classic rounded golf ball like shape, and is often used as decorative lighting or in wall lights or as table lights. Our LED golf ball light bulbs last far longer than their incandescent counterparts with some of them reaching 45000 hours of lamp life. This longer life ensures that the replacement cost of your bulbs is drastically reduced and because of the energy efficiency of our LED golf ball bulbs the running cost of these bulbs can be 90% cheaper. 

What size is a golf ball bulb?

While all of our LED golfballs stay true to it's namesake, keeping the same golf ball shape, some of them may differ in size in diameter and the overall length. This is so we can cater for a wide range of light fittings and lamp shades, so you can always find the bulb that fits perfect for you. To reduce confusion, we have made sure that each bulb is labelled clearly on every product, so you are completely satisfied with every bulb you receive.

Is a golf ball bulb the same as a mini globe?

The biggest difference between golf ball bulbs and a globe light bulb is the size, globe bulbs are typically large bulbous lights that are used for decoration and effect whereas golf balls are petite and more subtle. Mini-globes are much smaller and therefor are similar to golf balls with some people use the name golf ball and mini-globe interchangeably. This is because they share the same rounded shape and size and often have comparable beam angles and lumen outputs.