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LED MR11 (GU4) Light Bulbs (35mm Diameter)

BLT Direct offer a complete range of LED MR11 light bulbs. These lamps come in a range of different colour temperatures, including conventional Warm White, Cool White and Daylight and the more interesting Green, Yellow, Pink, Blue and Red. These coloured bulbs are best suited to commercial applications like hotels, restaurants and special events. As well as this, LED MR11 lamps will be of interest to anyone looking to save energy and reduce their electricity bills. These efficient lamps are a direct replacement for the older halogen MR11 bulbs (also known as GU4 bulbs), and they can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90%. These LED models also have a much longer lamp life, lasting up to 25,000 hours, which means they’ll need fewer replacements over time.

If you have any queries regarding our range of LED MR11 light bulbs, feel free to call one of our friendly sales representatives on 01473 716418.

Are GU4 and MR11 the same?

No, GU4 and MR11 are not the same thing, however, they are commonly used together in a single spotlight style or reflector light bulb.
A light bulb cap beginning with 'GU' refers the distance in inches between the two pins on the base of the bulb. In this case, a GU4 bulb means the base has 4 inches of distance between the two pins.
On the other hand, 'MR' refers to how many eighths of an inch wide a bulb measures. In this case, an MR11 bulb means the width measures 11/8 inches.

However, despite these two terms being different from each other, it is rare to find a GU4 base that doesn't have an MR11 width and vice versa.
This is due to many spotlight style and reflector bulbs using this exact GU4/MR11 combination; whether they are halogen, incandescent or LED.
Therefore, whilst they are technically different, if you were to ask for a MR11 bulb it would almost certainly have a GU4 base.

What is an MR11 bulb?

An MR11 light bulb refers to the width of the bulb being 11/8 inches (or 35mm).
This is a common width for reflector and spotlight style light bulbs, which can come in many different shape, sizes and wattages.
Some examples of LED MR11 light bulbs include the MR11 3.7W in Cool White from Integral, Parathom Pro 3.2W MR11 in Very Warm White from OSRAM, and 1.5W MR11 in Green from ProLite.
Each of these bulbs are an appropriate retrofit replacements for halogen GU4/MR11 bulbs, with each offering a unique look, output and usage.

What size are MR11 bulbs?

An MR11 light bulb will always have a diameter of 35mm. However, MR11 light bulbs were nearly always 35mm in length when halogen light bulbs were the predominant technology. Since then, LED light bulbs have allowed for greater length of bulbs, so you may find LED MR11s to either be the 35mm or slightly longer.

Are MR11 bulbs dimmable?

Whether a bulb is dimmable cannot be determined by its diameter. MR11 bulbs can be dimmable, but it is required you read the technical specification for that to product to find out whether the MR11 light bulb is dimmable or non-dimmable.

Can you replace MR11 halogen with LED?

Yes, you can replace an MR11 Halogen with an MR11 LED.
LED MR11 light bulbs are specifically designed to be a retrofit replacement for older technology bulbs like the halogen equivalent.
LED light bulbs have many benefits too, some of them are:

  • LED light bulbs generate little to no heat compared to halogen bulbs
  • LED bulbs are designed to be eco-friendly
  • On average, LED bulbs last 5x as long as halogen bulbs
  • LED offers multiple colour temperatures compared to a halogen's single output
    • Warm White
    • Cool White
    • Daylight
  • You can find Red, Green and Blue (RGB) light bulbs available in LED, unlike halogen
  • An LED light bulb can reduce energy consumption by as much as 90% compared to a halogen light bulb
  • On average, LED light bulbs save from £50-£150 over the bulb's predicted life time as oppose to a halogen light bulb