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LED Pygmy Light Bulbs

Developments in LED lighting technology are infiltrating even the most compact of light sources and the pygmy lamp is no exception. The LED Pygmy light bulb is designed as a direct retrofit replacement for the incandescent pygmy bulb, yet offering all the benefits an LED light source has to offer. Rated as small as 1 Watt or as high as 4 Watts, these bulbs have the equivalent output of 10W-35W incandescent lamps.

The energy savings of changing to an LED pygmy add up quickly; power consumption is cut by up to 90% and the lamp life is extended to 30,000 hour. These minimalist styled bulbs are available non-dimmable and dimmable lamps in multiple colours and colour temperatures.

Overall a compact, super-efficient light source with good colour rendering and high lumen maintenance for practical and aesthetic use.

Can you get LED pygmy bulbs?

Pygmy bulbs are now available in LED and are no longer limited to just incandescent technology. LED Pygmy Bulbs are designed as a direct retrofit replacement for the older incandescent models. As a result, these pygmy bulbs boast the advantages of LED technology, offering greater energy efficiency, longer life, multiple colour temperatures (warm white, cool white and daylight) and generating little to no heat over incandescent pygmy light bulbs. You will find a complete range of LED pygmy bulbs in this section of BLT Direct’s website from top brands such as tp24 Lighting, Crompton Lamps, Calex Holland, MiniSun and ProLite offering top quality pygmy lamps at competitive prices. If you’re unsure what lamp you’re looking for, you can call our friendly sales team for more information and recommendations on 01473 716418.

What is a pygmy light bulb?

A pygmy light bulb is a lamp designed to be used in a confined space, often found in fridges or festoon lights. Due to their smaller size, pygmy bulbs tend to have smaller caps in E14/SES (Small Edison Screw) and B15/SBC (Small Bayonet Cap), however, pygmy bulbs also come in regular sized Edison Screw and Bayonet Cap caps, ensure you double check technical specifications when ordering one of these lamps. The LED variant of Pygmy Light bulbs are available in a variety of colour temperatures ranging from Very Warm White to Daylight, as well as individual colours such as Yellow, Blue or Green. They are the go to lighting choice for making a big impact with a small bulb in both domestic and commercial settings.

What are pygmy bulbs used for?

Pygmy lamps are ideally suited to space limiting applications as well as being perfect for task lighting, mood and display lighting. These miniature bulbs are used equally in commercial and domestic environments, with some specific uses being: 

  • Festoon Lighting
  • Sign Lamps
  • Decorative Light Strings
  • Household Appliance Lighting
    • Fridge Lamp
    • Freezer Lamp
    • Oven Lamp (Incandescent only)
  • Sewing machines
  • Display cabinets

Due to their small size, many enjoy the small but powerful beam produced by pygmy bulbs, attributing the success of using pygmy lamps in the previously mentioned decorative applications. Furthermore, LED pygmy light bulbs have a greater life span and more colour options thanks to LED pygmy bulbs now being widely available.

Can I use LED pygmy bulbs in Festoon Lights?

Due to their small size, low wattage usage compared to other bulbs and variety of colours, pygmy bulbs are a very popular and suitable choice for festoon light fittings. The pygmy bulb has become more prevalent due to the introduction of LED technology into the miniature style lamp, saving greatly on energy bills compared to older technologies such as incandescent or halogen lamps. Due to incandescent and LED pygmy bulbs using standard light bulb bases, LED pygmy bulbs can replace incandescent pygmy bulbs in mains powered festoon lights without issue. All you have to do is ensure you use an LED Pygmy Bulb with the same base as the original incandescent bulb, these likely being:

  • Bayonet Cap (22mm Ba22d/BC)
  • Small Bayonet Cap (15mm Ba15d/SBC)
  • Edison Screw (26-27mm ES/E27)
  • Small Edison Screw (14mm E14/SES)

Please refer to technical specifications to ensure you have the right light bulb base for your festoon lighting.