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Switches & Sockets

Choose from this fantastic selection of sockets and switches and discover high quality finished products alongside a choice of handy extras such as Extension Leads and Under Cupboard & Counter Sockets. Whether you are looking for a Dimmer Switch for your Living Room or a Mains socket that will allow you to charge your USB devices quickly and easily, we are sure to stock something suitable in our collection. Within this collection of light switches and sockets, we feature some great lines, produced using durable materials in order to bring you a practical and functional solution to your electrical and lighting requirements. Choose from a plethora of impressive aesthetics including stainless steel, chrome and brass light switches. Shop from quality brands such as Varilight and Danlers.

What is socket?

An electrical socket is a device that allows electrical equipment to be connected to the primary power supply. Sockets can be found in any building and are typically 240 volts but can differ in their current, connectors and shape. 

What is a dimmer switch?

A dimmer switch is a switch that lowers the electrical current flowing through a circuit that dims the bulbs. It works by controlling the electrical cycle of a lamp, making it longer to complete, lowering the light level of a bulb. Dimmer switches enable you to control the atmosphere of a room and also save energy by limiting the power consumption of your bulbs. Another added benefit of dimmer switches is that they prolong the lifespan of your bulbs by reducing the time the bulb spends at maximum exertion.