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My Compact Fluorescent code doesn’t match to your website… Help?

Finding the correct replacement compact fluorescent lamps can be confusing and the best way to find the bulbs is to break down the code on the lamp.

In this instance we will be looking at a Phillips PLC, the code on the lamp is 'PLC10W2P827'. The PLC is unique to Phillips.

The wattage can be found by looking for the 'W' in the code, in this instance our lamp is 10 watt.

The letter P in this case indicates the number of pin (2 pin).

Three numbers together generally inidicate colour temperature. 827 in this instance is very warm white.

Different brands of compact fluorescent lamps have different codes, the tables below have examples of this. We hope this has helped you find your bulb, if you have any more quieries don't hesitate to get in touch.

**Phillips**PLC 2pinPLS 2 pinPLT 2 pinPLL
**Osram**Dulux DDulux SDulux TDulux L
**Sylvania**Lynx DMicrolynxLynx TLynx L
**GE Light Bulbs**Biax DBiax SBiax TBiax L


**Colour Code****Colour****Colour Temperature (kelvin)**
827Very Warm Triphosphor2700k
29Warm White3000k
30Warm White3000k
930Warm Multiphosphor3000k
129Warm White3000k
83Warm White3000k
**Colour Code****Colour****Colour Temperature (kelvin)**
830Warm White Triphosphor3000k
135White Triphosphor3500k
133Cool White4000k
20Cool White4000k
**Colour Code****Colour****Colour Temperature (kelvin)**
840Cool White Triphosphor4000k
84Cool White4000k
33Cool White4000k
940Cool White Multiphosphor4000k
954American Daylight Multiphosphor5400k
860/865Daylight Triphosphor6000k

Created by Steve Ellwood on 23rd July, 2015


Steve Ellwood

Steve Ellwood

Qualified as an Electrician, founder of BLT Direct