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Osram LED Light Bulbs

Introducing a comprehensive range of Osram LED Light Bulbs, all cutting edge LED lamps including brand new products and familiar top sellers. All Osram LED products are designed with energy saving, eco-friendly and cost effective criteria as given.

Reducing energy consumption by between 60% and 90% versus conventional light sources and lasting up to 25,000 hours Osram LEDs are the ideal solution in many different areas of application; from new installations or as replacement for incandescent, halogen, fluorescent or compact fluorescent lamps. 

The Osram LED lamp is available in many shapes, sizes, colours and cap types but common to all is good to excellent colour rendering, instant light, no warm-up time, a long lifespan and mercury free construction. This robust lighting solution is ideal for domestic, commercial and professional use for general as well as ambient lighting.