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Plaster In LED Strip Profile

If you looking for powerful but stylish lighting without having any profile protruding from the wall or ceiling then plaster in LED strip profile is perfect for you. We have a wide range of plaster in LED profile available in multiple styles and shapes, allowing you to choose whatever width strip lighting you want. Plaster in LED profile has become more and more popular with people wanting smooth recessed LED profile as it offers a sleek finish to LED strip lighting while maintaining the vibrant, practical light. Why not browse our range below and find the right LED profile for you?
To see more about which Covers/Diffusers or End Caps and Brackets you may need for any profile, simply add your chosen profile to the basket!

Why do I need plaster in LED profile?

If you want to have LED strip lighting that is recessed into the wall, providing beautiful light and being space efficient then look no further than our plaster in LED profile. LED plaster in profile is typically used in living rooms, bedrooms or hotels where space and appearance is most valued, a well designed bedroom is a necessity. LED profile is a modern way to introduce strip lighting into your lighting scheme, creating a protective case for your LED strip. Plaster in LED channel ​is just another way to improve the longevity of your LED strip lighting.

Where can I plaster in my LED profile?

You can plaster in your LED profile into any of your walls that has plaster in. Popular choices are in living rooms and kitchens as well as commercial use. This is because they offer the finishing touch and with dimming and colour changing capabilities of our LED strip, it has a wide range of uses and can be adapted to any situation at a moments notice.