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Prolite Fluorescent DD Butterfly Light Bulbs

The Prolite range of replacement Butterfly Compact Fluorescent Lamps offers a highly efficient low energy saving light source that lasts 15,000 hours. This 2D lamp comes in a choice of wattages – 16W, 28W and 38 Watts – with a 2 pin GR8 or 4 pin GR10q cap/base. The 2D lamp comes in a choice of White, Daylight and Anti-Drug Blue colour temperatures.

Due to the shape of this lamp, light is projected evenly resulting in fewer shadows than with a linear or pendant light fitting whilst the slim, flat profile of the lamp lends itself to shallow light fixtures. This lamp is found in ceiling or wall fixtures in offices, residential and commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants and other similar applications. Specific colours have specific uses, such as the anti-drug blue lamp utilized in public conveniences as a deterrent to drug users.