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RGB LED Strip Lights

Do you ever feel like you need a splash of colour in your life? Why not create a new and refreshing atmosphere in your home with our RGB LED strip lighting? Particularly popular with those who are renovating to a more modern and vibrant living area but also those who just prefer a more colourful lighting scheme, these RGB LED strip lights offer a vivacious update to older, more traditional designs. Perfect for bedrooms, these lights can also be used to add a personal touch to a private room.

What is RGB LED Strip?

RGB LED strip is LED strip that is able to be switched between a red, blue and green light, all from one piece of strip! Using an infrared or radio frequency remote, you can change the colour of your lighting, and therefore the atmosphere of your room with just one click of a button. You can be sure that you always have the lighting for any occasion, whether needing a cool party vibe or just to relax in your bedroom, BLT Direct has something for you. With our premium RGBW LED strip you can also utilise a Cool, Warm and Daylight white as well as the coloured lighting, this allows you a greater range of applications. Turn a smooth cool white kitchen in the day to the centre of a party in the evening, all with one remote. 

What is the best RGB LED Strip?

All of our RGB LED strip is sourced from the most trusted manufacturers all across the world. This ensures that every time you turn on your LED strip lighting you have faith in the quality and reliability of our product. The best or most suitable LED strip for you depends on your lighting requirements, for example the size of the room in which the lighting will be fitted. Our products come in a range of sizes, and we are also able to cut strip to length to guarantee that the strip is perfect for your needs. A strong self adhesive on the side of the strip is used to maintain shape, function and position in your room, so you have the exact lighting you want, every time.

Can you cut RGB LED Strip?

Our LED strip is able to be cut in 5cm increments, making it ideal for those who require bespoke lighting. Being able to cut the LED strip also enables it to be used anywhere in the home no matter the length or space available. This makes it perfect for small closets, bedrooms or hallway lighting, where the lengths may differ from wall to wall. The LED strip adaptability has proven popular as more and more people are now turning to BLT Direct for there bespoke LED strip needs. 

Can you use RGB LED Strip without a controller?

The colour of the RGB and RGBW strip is changed via a infra-red or radio frequency remote. This means that to change the colour of your LED strip all you have to do is click a button,  enabling you to completely reinvent your room in a matter of seconds. 

Still not sure?

If you have any questions regarding our RGB or RGBW LED strip, don't hesitate to contact us on 01473 716418. Alternatively you can reach out to our experienced team via the form on our website.