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Robus is a leading industry supplier for all kinds of electrical goods and is commonly used by electricians as a preferred brand due to their exceptional price to performance ratio. The lighting products offered by Robus cover an extensive range of applications in domestic, commercial and retail environments, with popular ranges including their downlights, panels, floodlights and strip. They also offer accessories, which allows you to remain brand consistent throughout the entire home or business. Robus Lighting also offers the Robus Connect collection which uses smart technology, giving a selection of products that can be controlled via an app or personal assistant.

Who is Robus?

Robus is an Irish owned supplier of light bulbs and light fittings and was founded in Dublin in 1984 by current chairman Michael Slein alongside two school friends. Since then, Robus has become a worldwide respected brand for supplying top of the range lighting goods, with distribution centres in Australia, Benelux, China, France, the Middle East, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. As well as this, Robus has continuingly won awards for their product innovations and great business culture and benefits, such as winning the 2006 Ireland Best Company to Work at Award receiving the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Gold Standard from 2016-2021.

Learn more about Robus and their vision in the video below:

Are Robus downlights dimmable?

Whether a Robus downlight is dimmable or non-dimmable is dependent on the product itself. If you examine the technical specifications or the datasheet, it will inform you whether the downlight is dimmable or not. Generally speaking, most Robus downlights are dimmable, but it is essential you double check before making any purchase. Many of Robus’ newer downlights are dimmable and also offer smart functionality which means you’ll be able to control the dimming from your phone or personal assistant. If you are unable to find information on the dimming compatibility, have questions about the smart features or need any other questions answered, feel free to contact our friendly sales team on: 01473 716418.