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Smart (WiFi) & Remote Controlled Patio Heaters

With modern smart / wifi controls becoming more and more common place, different aspects of home and business controls are being developed. This range of patio heaters offers both remote control and wifi / app controlled operation, allowing for customization and easy control of units without the need of manual control using buttons. The large array of finish colours and styles allows for the perfect aesthetic when it comes to selecting the heater for your space. Please contact our sales team on 01473 716 418 if you require assistance locating the heater for you.

Are all Patio heaters Bluetooth/remote controlled?

Not all of our patio heaters are smart controlled or have wifi access but within this category each heater with have that capability. This means that the heat can be controlled remotely via an phone app, Bluetooth or via remote. This makes change temperature as easy as clicking a button an is perfect when relaxing outside. It is also useful for controlling multiple heaters at once if you have several in a commercial area or a large domestic space.