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SON T Plus Tubular External Ignitor

Detailed below is our range of SON T Plus Tubular Sodium Discharge Lamps that require an External Ignitor to run. The T Plus lamp emits 20% more light output than the SON T lamp, producing more lumen per watt resulting in brighter and more intense illumination. Robust construction and shock-resistant construction makes this dimmable light source an excellent choice for road and residential lighting, decorative floodlighting, illumination, industrial area lighting and recreational sports facilities.

The SON E Plus lamp comes in a broad choice of wattages starting at 50W and rising to 1000 Watts. Simple to install these replacement lamps feature a ES or GES base fitting. Low energy consumption and a long 28,000 hour life combine to ensure maintenance costs are minimal. Please note: Control gear must include end-of-life protection. When selecting SON E Plus lamps check if you need internal ignitor or external ignitor.