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Squirrel Cage Light Bulbs

Our selection of squirrel cage light bulbs is part of our wider range of vintage style light bulbs and is available as LED bulbs or incandescents. These vintage light bulbs are used to create authentic retro lighting effects, featuring a unique filament that has been wound in the shape of a cage inside the lamp. Squirrel cage light bulbs are based on the style of the original 1930’s Edison light bulbs for a beautiful, vintage lighting solution with 4000-25,000 hours of lamp life. Our squirrel cage light bulbs can be used to add an authentic look to traditional lamps and lanterns or can be used in modern environments, adding an industrial feel to any interior. With LED squirrel cage bulbs now available, you can make use of all the benefits of LED bulbs while maintaining the traditional look and feel of an incandescent light bulb.


What is a squirrel cage bulb?

A squirrel cage light bulb is a vintage light bulb with a distinct style of filament. This style of filament was made in the early 20th century and originates from several companies that were competing to create the most efficient carbon or metal filament. In a bid to improve the longevity of the metal filament, it was wound around two hooks, creating a shape that resembled a squirrel cage. Squirrel cage bulbs were eventually phased out as new technologies became more popular but have since made a comeback in decorative or retro lighting schemes.

What is an ST64 bulb?

An ST64 light bulb is the LED equivalent of the original squirrel cage bulb and was created in response to the growing resurgence of squirrel cage bulbs. ST64 bulbs have the same style and glamour as squirrel cage bulbs but are far more energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Because ST64 bulbs are LED,  they are available in multiple colour temperatures and light colours, giving you even more options for decorative light designs.