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T4 Fluorescent Tubes

If you’re looking to replace your efficient and effective T4 fluorescent tubes to bring light back to your kitchen worktops, desk, or cabinets, you’re sure to find the right replacement fitting in our online selection at BLT Direct.

These light sources are unusual, smaller fluorescent fittings that were previously installed in a variety of different applications to provide customers with bright general lighting in homes, commercial properties, or offices. Although they aren’t as common anymore, you may still have existing fittings that need replacing. If you’re looking to replace a current fitting in a unit you’ve already got, we have a wide selection of T4 tubes. Once considered most effective in large spaces, like schools and supermarkets, fluorescent tubes were also found to be just as effective in smaller spaces like garages, conference rooms or simply under your stairs at home. Wherever your fitting is, we provide a vast selection to accommodate what you’re looking for.

T4 tubes are traditional robust, reliable, and well-constructed light fittings that have stood the test of time. They are also compact and especially easy to replace yourself, without the need of calling professionals in to assist—unless you’d prefer to, of course! At BLT Direct, we stock one of the largest selections of T4 tube lights from several renowned light manufacturers that can easily be installed into your existing T4 fittings. We make sure that all the products that we offer are of the highest quality so that our customers are satisfied every time. As you browse our collection, you’ll find that each T4 tube is length and wattage-specific, which makes it easier for you to quickly find the correct size light for your current unit. Although the shapes and sizes may vary, the same G5 double-ended base lamp is used across all fittings, as well as a standard lamp diameter of 12mm. In our collection of T4 lights, you’ll find several different wattages that go from 6W to 30W which will be fit for any existing fittings you have. We currently offer T4 tube lights that come in lengths ranging from 218mm to 747mm that can emit either a white, cool white or warm white colour temperature depending on the atmosphere that you want to create in your space.

T4 tubes have an impressive lamp life of up to 10,000 hours and require a lot less energy to produce light compared to traditional light bulbs, in fact, fluorescent lamps save 60% on energy usage compared to incandescent lights. There are still so many existing T4 fittings out there that constantly need replacing, but as they decrease in popularity, it can be hard to find the right replacement. At BLT Direct, we’ll help you to find the right fitting you need to instantly re-energise your space. Whether you used your fluorescent light to highlight a certain area of your house or brighten up your workspace to boost productivity, we have a range of sizes that are ideal in any environment.

If you’re struggling to find the right replacement T4 light tube for your home or office, someone from our friendly and helpful customer service team will always be there to help you out. We’re experts in providing lighting solutions so will be able to give you the best advice needed to make the right decision for your next lighting purchase. Please remember when browsing our collections that all our T4 fluorescent tubes are measured from the end of each pin on either side of the fitting as this may affect your choice. You must also remember that the colour temperature and length of your fluorescent tubes is crucial. Make sure to double-check before every purchase to ensure your replacement will fit your current unit.


What does T4 mean in fluorescent tube?

Fluorescent tubes come in a range of different sizes, that are distinguished by the ‘T number’. There are 4 main types of fluorescent tubes that you can use to brighten your environment, these are T2, T4, T5 and T8. The difference between these is the diameter of each tube. In this case, the T4 in fluorescent tubes means that they have a diameter of 13mm. Just because they have a standard diameter, doesn’t mean that they also have a standard length. T4 fluorescent tubes can come in a range of different lengths, and still be known as T4. If you don’t think that a 13mm diameter will work in your application you can choose one of the different sizes, all of which we stock at BLT Direct. If you want a smaller diameter, you can choose a T2 tube, or if you would prefer a light fitting with a wider diameter, you can choose a T5 or T8 tube which are 15mm and 26mm respectively.

Are fluorescent tubes being phased out?

Recent policies have outlined the phasing out of fluorescent lighting, this started with the ban on halogen lights that begins in September 2021. This will be closely followed by a gradual reduction in the production of fluorescent lighting through 2021 and 2022. Fluorescent lights are being phased out in favour of more energy-efficient alternatives such as LED lights. By phasing out these products, the government hopes to cut down on emissions and save consumers on their energy bills. You will notice fluorescent tubes starting to be replaced by LED tubes in the future as they are long-lasting and require a lot less energy to emit light. LED is already quite a popular choice among consumers due to the lower costs it takes them to run and their positive impact on the environment. No matter if you choose to stick with your T4 fluorescent tube lights for now, or decide to switch to LED options, you’ll find a complete and comprehensive collection of products at BLT Direct that are high-quality and affordable.

Are T4 and T5 bulbs interchangeable?

Unfortunately, T4 and T5 fluorescent bulbs are not interchangeable due to the difference in thickness. T4 tubes are 13mm wide, and T5 tubes are 15mm wide, they also require different wattages to power and emit light. There are also many different brands of fluorescent tubes that may offer different sizes and shapes. At BLT Direct, we sell a range of T4 and T5 fluorescent tubes that are fit for any space. So even though you can’t use them interchangeably, you still have plenty of choices.

What length is a T4 fluorescent tube?

At BLT Direct we have a wide range of T4 fluorescent lights in several different sizes to meet all of our customer’s needs. Our lengths start from 218mm to fit small areas like cabinets and workstations, all the way up to 747mm which are perfect for installing in larger rooms and spaces. When browsing our selection of T4 tubes, if you know what size you require, you can filter the search results by length to make sure you’re selecting the correct T4 tube light for your intended purpose.

Can you replace T4 fluorescent tubes with LEDs?

If you’re currently using fluorescent tubes in your home or office, you can switch to LED lights if you’d prefer. To do this, you will have to replace the whole fitting as LED T4 tubes are not available to purchase. You will need to check the length of your space and find a similar size slimline small LED fitting to put in its place. If you’re unsure of the fitting you need to replace your T4 tubes, please get in touch with a member of our customer service team.