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T5 LED Tube Lights

BLT Direct is a market-leading source for T5 LED Tube lights. More and more people are replacing their old, less energy-efficient T5 tubes with our robust, dependable LED tubes. We only stock T5 LED tubes from the market’s leading brands. These tubes are designed to help you cut the cost of lighting and creating the excellent ambience that you’re aiming for. You can get in touch with us at any point if you do need any further information about any of our products before you proceed with a purchase. Browse our range of T5 LED tubes and T5 LED tube lights today.

Can I replace fluorescent tubes with LED tubes?

LED T5 lights can be a little trickier to replace than LED T8 tubes. It is important to check the brand of tube you are looking to purchase, and see if it requires either a direct to mains connection (causing the fitting to be rewired) or alternatively it may require a specific brand of control gear to operate. This can be checked by looking inside your fitting and search the part code found on the ballast on the manufacturers recommended control gear list.

What is the difference between T8 & T5 LED Tubes?

The difference between T8 & T5 tube lights is the diameter of the tube, T5 LED Tube lights are 15mm diameter and the T8 versions are 25mm diameter. Typically T5 LED tubes come in a variety of shorter lengths, and tend to be used in applications ranging from under cabinet lights, to small garage lights. LED T8 tubes often offer larger sizes, that are more durable due to the increased thickness, so are suitable for larger fittings and for lighting bigger spaces.