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T8 Fluorescent Tubes (25mm Diameter)

The T8 fluorescent tube is a double ended tube lamp with a 2 pins G13 cap/base either end and a diameter of 25mm which is found in many light fittings. Fluorescent tubes have been a staple of lighting since the very first commercial sale in 1938, quickly finding themselves in many domestic and commercial applications. Fluorescent tubes are powered with an inert gas at low pressure that uses electricity to excite mercury vapour. The excited mercury vapour then produces short-wave ultraviolet light, this light then causes a phosphor coating to fluoresce, resulting in the visible light you see in fluorescent tubes. T8 fluorescent tubes come in a wide variety of lengths which is determined by the wattage, ranging from 300mm to 1800mm.

Our T8 catalogue includes Multiphosphur Northlight, Skywhite Triphosphor, Aquarium and Reptile lamps, Germicidal, Gourmet and Grolux versions as well as Blacklight and unusual length lamps. The T8 fluorescent tube is used in a host of general and specialist applications from domestic and commercial, so it is likely you may require a T8 fluorescent tube replacement if your existing light fitting starts to fail. Replacing a T8 fluorescent tube is simple, gently twist the old tube 90 degrees to release the old tube. Take the new tube, place the short metal prongs in the holes and gently twist 90 degrees; then test if your replaced tube is working.

Please note that shatter proofing is available upon request and may be subject to additional cost, please contact sales for a quote.

This category details our comprehensive range of replacement T8 (25mm diameter) Fluorescent Tubes for use in existing T8 fittings. From general to specific lighting applications the T8 fluorescent lamp is a mainstay lighting solution that is not only energy efficient and long lasting (10,000 to 20,000 hours) but cost effective as well. The T8 fluorescent tube is a double ended lamp with a 2 pin G13 cap/base.

What does T8 mean on a Fluorescent Tube?

'T' followed by a number such as, '8', is an acronym created to help easily and quickly distinguish the diameter of a tubular lighting product. 'T' simply stands for 'Tubular' with the '8' representing the diameter of the lamp in eighths of an inch (25mm). Some other common diameters are: T2 (7mm), T4 (12mm), T5 (15mm) and T12 (38mm). However, T8 fluorescent tubes come in a variety of lengths, this length is determined by the wattage of the tube itself, with the standard sizes being:

  • 18 Watt - 2ft (600mm)
  • 30 Watt - 3ft (900mm)
  • 36 Watt - 4ft (1200mm)
  • 58 Watt - 5ft (1500mm)
  • 70 Watt - 6ft (1800mm)

Despite this, the above sizes are not the only sizes available, BLT Direct stock a large range of specialist sizes and wattages. Feel free to contact our friendly Sales Line on 01473 716418, if you're unsure about the specific length you require or any other questions regarding T8 Fluorescent Tubes.

Can you replace fluorescent T8 with LED?

Yes, you can replace a majority of T8 fluorescent tubes with LED tubes or LED-integrated fixtures. This is not limited specifically to T8 fluorescent tubes either, many fluorescent tubes can be replaced by an LED tube. However, there are some exceptions which do not have an LED equivalent, so ensure you double check your fluorescent tube actually has an LED retrofit alternative before you attempt to replace it.

If you are unfamiliar with LED technology, LED is an energy efficient update to the previously used fluorescent technology for lighting tubes and other lighting products. Due to LED bulbs lasting on longer on average, generating less heat and being less energy hungry by requiring a lower wattage to operate, LED tubes can make a great saving over fluorescent tubes. LED Tubes are available in most popular fluorescent sizes, these being: 2ft, 3ft, 4ft, 5ft and 6ft. Making them easy and accessible to replace.

If you're just interested in just replacing the light bulbs, you can use plug-and-play, direct-wire, or hybrid LED tubes.

Are fluorescent tubes being phased out UK?

The Government of the United Kingdom plans to begin phasing out the sale of high-energy fluorescent lightbulbs, with a view to bringing an end to their sale from September 2023. This is in the effort to cut carbon emissions, the UK government has placed its trust in LED technology because LED Tubes last five times longer than fluorescent tubes whilst using 80% less power. The law has already been changed for halogen light bulbs, with legislation being brought in on the 1st September 2018 and September 2021, meaning the preemptive date set for September 2023 is likely to be matched.

Despite this, some exceptions have been made for specialised fluorescent and halogen lighting such as T5 Fluorescent Tubes or oven light bulbs. Furthermore, the ban does not stop existing fluorescent tubes from being sold on the market, meaning you can continue to purchase fluorescent tubes after September 2023. However, the stock will be finite as no new production or imports will be legal. Therefore, it is best to plan ahead for the upcoming ban by either stocking up on your needed fluorescent tubes or transitioning to the much greener LED Tube range.

Do all T8 Fluorescents require a starter?

Not all fluorescent lights require starters, specifically, high frequency control gear do not require a starter. However, if you're using an older fittings with switch start control gear, you will require a starter. Your starter will usually be located near a tube socket, with lights with more than one tube having a separate starter for each.