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Tech-Light Strip Profile Covers/Diffusers

Complete your LED strip lighting installations with our high-quality LED Strip Profile Covers and Diffusers. These essential accessories not only protect your LED strips but also enhance their visual appeal and lighting performance. With options for various lengths and finishes, we offer the flexibility to meet your specific lighting needs.
Protection and Enhancement: Our LED Strip Profile Covers and Diffusers are designed to shield your LED strips from dust, moisture, and physical damage while simultaneously improving the light diffusion and aesthetics of your lighting fixtures.
Various Finishes: Choose from a range of finishes to achieve the desired lighting effect and style. Our options include Opal (milky white), Clear (transparent), Black (for a sleek look), and Extra Diffused (for enhanced light dispersion). These finishes enable you to tailor the appearance of your lighting to suit your space.
Enhanced Light Diffusion: The Opal and Extra Diffused finishes are specifically designed to optimize light diffusion, ensuring a soft and even illumination without visible hotspots or glare. Your LED strips will provide a pleasing, uniform glow.

Keep your LED strip lighting safe and secure with our range of Strip Profile Covers and Diffusers from Tech-Light.  Available in a variety of lengths, white plastic or transparent plastic, this clever product is easy to install and comes in a variety of lengths making it simple to illuminate your indoor space.