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The Best Ways to Save on Energy Consumption

The best ways to save on energy consumption
As energy prices in the UK reach all-time highs this year and climb higher every quarter, homeowners across the country are asking themselves how they can reduce their energy bills this winter. Reducing your energy consumption is actually quite simple, particularly if you're willing to make small changes to your daily routine or invest just a little more money in your home. Here are four ways to effectively save on your energy bills this winter.

Insulate your home
Insulation is crucial to maximising your home's energy efficiency, especially during the colder months. Proper insulation keeps the heat inside your home and reduces the amount of money you'll spend heating your home when temperatures drop. If you can spare even a small amount of savings to insulate your home, use the summer months to arrange:

• Double-glazing
• Roof insulation
• Chimney balloons
• Draught excluders
• Wall insulation
• Thick curtains

Depending on how much you have to spare, insulation methods can cost as little as a few pounds or as much as thousands.

Switch to LED lighting
LED lighting is a much more energy-efficient way of lighting your home. LED lighting can reduce the amount of energy you spend lighting your home by up to 88%, reducing your electricity bills for lighting by a similar amount. LED lighting is available in many different forms, including standard LED bulbs that fit into ceiling lights as well as LED smart lighting, strip lights, and outdoor lighting.

Invest in energy-efficient appliances
If a lot of your appliances are old, they're probably not very efficient. Replacing older appliances with modern appliances could massively reduce your energy consumption and your bills. Look for new appliances with an A+ energy rating or better, because this indicates that they're very efficient by contemporary standards. If you're still running an old boiler, replacing this could save you hundreds on your energy bills every year.

Turn your thermostat down

The cost of heating even a relatively small home makes up a significant element of most household energy bills. By turning your thermostat down just one degree this winter, you could save a substantial amount on your energy bills and barely feel the difference. Make sure you're not wasting money heating empty rooms in your house by turning radiators down in spare rooms, and wear jumpers in the house to stay comfortable at a lower temperature.

Turn electronics off at the socket
Many contemporary electronics don't typically turn off fully when we turn them 'off'; instead, they enter standby mode. Standby mode is known to be a significant source of energy loss, particularly in households with lots of TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and other entertainment devices. Switch electronic appliances off at the socket to reduce energy consumption overnight.

Created by Gary Baker on 1st September, 2022


Gary Baker

Gary Baker

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