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Under Cupboard Kitchen Lights

Under cupboard kitchen lights are a practical choice for your kitchen. They are great for task lighting, such as filling gaps and shadows to illuminate work surfaces or even highlighting the colours in your fruit bowl. These fittings add style due to the light fittings design for minimal intrusion. This allows these light fittings to fit in those hard to fit places, please see below a range of solutions.

BLT Direct offers a comprehensive range of under-cupboard kitchen lighting, from Eterna Lighting T4 Fluorescent Tubes to All LED Downlights, you'll be sure to find what you need for your home.

What lights can I put under kitchen cabinets?

  • Replacement Fluorescent Tubes
    • This tried and tested option has worked for many years and continues to be a great option for existing fittings. Fluorescent tube lighting provides lots of light to both the direct space under the kitchen cabinet as well as giving more illumination to the entire kitchen.
  • Small LED Battens
    • Similar to fluorescent tubes but boasting the benefits and savings of LED technology. LED lights consume less power and produce less heat for the same lumen output. Small LED Battens are a great way to save money on your energy bills and add some style to your kitchen.
  • Downlights
    • Downlights designed to be fitted under a kitchen cabinet hide themselves away very effectively, creating a stylish finish of bright well-distributed light, without compromising the style of your kitchen. These downlights are available in either a recessed, circular or triangular shape, allowing you to decide the exact style for your under-cabinet kitchen fitting.
  • LED Strip
    • LED Strip has become the most popular option to put under kitchen cabinets. Due to their flat nature and tape aesthetic, LED strip lighting takes up very little space. Furthermore, the LED strip is designed to be cut to size, this ensures you match the underside of your cupboard to the length you require. Lastly, strip lighting comes in a variety of colour outputs, meaning you have the option to illuminate more conventional lights such as Cool White/4000 Kelvin or Daylight/6500 Kelvin, as well niche lighting colours such as Red, Green or Blue.

How do I get lights under my kitchen cabinets?

The installation process is dependent on what product you are installing under your kitchen cabinets as well how the light fitting will be powered, both these processes can vary depending on the chosen product. Careful planning ahead is also required if you want to hide the wires.

We recommend the under cabinet kitchen lighting is installed by a trained electrician to ensure the fitting is installed safely and correctly.

What is the most popular under cabinet lighting?

The most popular under cabinet lighting is LED lighting. There are several reasons for this, such as LED technology is fantastic at producing a large amount of light whilst using a small amount of power. LED light fittings also produce very little heat, which is ideal in the kitchen environment. Lastly, they are a great long term saving option over traditional lighting options such as fluorescent tubes.

How do you install LED strip lights under cabinets?

LED Strip lights are simple to install under cabinet kitchen lighting options, due to their flat design taking up little space.

  1. Assess the underside of your kitchen cabinet to ensure you have adequate room to support the LED strip as well as the cabling required for the driver.
  2. Measure the length of what LED strip you require and then cut to length using the set cut points
  3. Take your LED strip and connect it to the LED Driver
  4. Remove the self-adhesive backing from the tape and stick to the underside of the cabinet
  5. (Optional) Using tie wraps, secure the wires to avoid them drooping.
  6. Switch on the LED strip and enjoy your new under cupboard kitchen light.

Do under cabinet lights go in front or back?

Under-cabinet lights are best to install in the front rather than the back of the unit. It's important to double-check the direction during installation, due to light from the fitting being distributed unevenly across your kitchen if the under-cabinet light is fitted backwards. This can result in unwanted dark spots and shadows. Avoid this by simply installing your lighting in the front to get the stylish task lighting you desire for your kitchen.