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What Does IP Rated Mean?

Close-up of a light bulb on a long horizontal wire outdoors
Photo by Nick de Partee / Unsplash

The IP (Ingress Protection) Rating of a lighting product tells you how weather and water resistant it will be. This is usually used in situations where the Light Bulb will be exposed to challenging conditions such as in bathrooms, as well as the outdoors.

Understanding an IP Rating is simple- every IP Rating has an easily understood number attached to it. The first digit of this number refers to the Light Bulb's ability to withstand solid objects such as dust. The second digit shows you how well protected the Light Bulb is from contact with liquids.The first digit runs from 0 (Zero protection) to 6 (Complete protection against foreign bodies/dust). The second digit can runs from 0 (Zero protection) to 8 (Protected against continuous immersion in water).

For example if Solar Flood Lights are going to be placed in an outside location, IP65 is an ideal choice. For lighting which is to be used in a shower setting, IP67 and above is recommended.