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What Does SMD Stand For?

SMD Chip Example

SMD stands for Surface Mount LED. SMDs are tiny LEDs which are attached to a circuit board. Surface Mounted Diodes are able to provide you with minuscule dimensions, and SMDs will also be able to provide you with a higher level of brightness than standard LEDs.

The minuscule size of SMDs means that they are more easily handled using automated equipment than by humans. SMDs have been used in a variety of situations, from USB Flash Drives to the Hard Drives of computers, and in Display Screens and lighting solutions.

The flat shape of the SMD, a result of the way that the SMD is wired to the circuit board, means that it is less bulb like, and suitable for a range of applications requiring such a feature including computer technology. Large amounts of SMDs can be grouped together in order to achieve a high level of brightness.