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What Is A GLS Bulb?

Incandescent GLS Light BulbA GLS (General Lighting Service) Light Bulb is a Light Bulb based on the original Light Bulb as designed by American Scientist and Inventor Thomas Edison. GLS Light Bulbs have an easily recognizable pear-shaped bulb with the filament clearly visible in the bulb, and are often thought of as the 'traditional' Light Bulb shape.

The original GLS Light Bulbs were Incandescent Light Bulbs, but nowadays a wide variety of newer, energy saving GLS Light Bulbs are available for domestic and commercial use. This is great news, because it means that lighting consumers can replace energy-guzzling incandescent GLS Light Bulbs with energy saving alternatives such as LED or fluorescent light bulbs.

The development of GLS Light Bulbs which utilise energy saving technology means that you can achieve the same look and feel of a traditional Incandescent GLS Light Bulb, whilst at the same time making some vital energy savings.