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12V LED Drivers

Whether you use Halogen or LED light fittings, these LED Drivers and Power Supplies will ensure you get the power you require for all of your LED lighting solutions. The products within this category are all 12V rated and are suitable for lower wattage LED lighting, Choose from dimmable and non-dimmable options depending on your personal preference and use. These 12v LED drivers are sourced from a multitude of different manufacturers, ensuring that you find the best driver for your needs at a competitive price. We also have different IP rated 12v drivers so that you can power your lighting project both indoors and outdoors. 

Do 12v LEDs need a driver?

All 12v LEDs require a constant 12v direct current, this means that a driver is needed in all LED systems and circuits, unless the bulbs themselves contain an individual driver. The driver is used to make sure that the bulbs do not receive to much power and damage the bulb but enough to maintain brightness at the required level. If you are looking for a 12v power supply then check out our range below. We stock a number of 12v LED drivers at varying costs and IP ratings so you are sure to find what you are looking for. 

Can I use a 12v driver for LEDs?

Yes. A 12v driver is needed for any LED running at 12v that doesn't include a built in driver. This is to make sure that your bulbs are not damaged and are as bright as possible while remaining safe and secure. We have a range of 12v LED drivers available giving you the choice to pick the product  that suits your needs.

Does a 12v LED driver get hot?

Even though they have the job of regulating current in an LED circuit, LED drivers do not typically heat up. This is because in a 12v LED system not much current is used to power the LED bulbs.