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LED Drivers

These LED Drivers will ensure you get the power you require for all of your lighting solutions. Choose from dimmable and non-dimmable options depending on your personal preferences and choose from a range of different voltage options including the lower 12 volt supplies and higher 24 volt options. With our wide range across multiple trusted brands, you are certain to find the LED driver that is high quality and meets your requirements.

12V 24V Replacement Dimmable

What is an LED driver?

An LED driver is a piece of equipment used to regulate the current that passes through LED lighting to ensure that it has a high enough current to power the bulb at the correct lumen output while limiting the current so it doesn't damage the bulb. An LED driver also takes higher voltage alternating current (AC) to a lower voltage direct current (DC), allowing it to power bulbs at a lower and safer voltage. 

Do I need a driver for LED lights?

Most LED lights will require a LED driver because they run on a direct current, however there are a few that run on alternating current. Because a driver is imperative to the maintenance of LED lighting, many LED bulbs with common bases like GU10, E27 and B22 often have a built in driver to regulate the current they receive.  It is always best to check to see if your bulbs need a LED driver, you can do this by contacting us on 01473 716418 or via the form on the website.

What is the difference between a driver and transformer?

The difference between an LED lighting driver and a transformer is the lighting they are used to regulate. With LED drivers being used with LED lights, whereas a transformer will be used on halogen lighting. They also have slight differences in there output voltage. A 12v LED driver for example will have an output voltage of 12v of direct current (DC) whereas a halogen transformer will have a 12 volt alternating current (AC) output. 

How do I choose a LED driver?

It is recommended that you use a driver that has a higher output power than the LEDs it is powering for extra safety precautions. This also helps with the longevity of your led driver as if it has the same output power as the LEDs it is regulating then it is running at full power and this will reduce the amount of hours it will work for.   

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