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Crompton Lamps

Crompton Lamps is renowned for producing lamps of the highest quality, with a proven track record of performance and reliability for both domestic and commercial markets. Despite Crompton Lamps age, they have continuously innovated their products; always using the latest and best technology to enhance their products. Currently, Crompton Lamps make use of LED technology and top of the line components to ensure longevity and excellence. Popular ranges include the LED Long Barrel GU10s designed to replace Energy Saving CFL GU10 lamps or the LED Candle Bulb range made to replace old style candle shaped light bulbs with more efficient LED candle bulbs.

Where are Crompton Lamps made?

Originally, all of the light bulbs and fitting from Crompton Lamps were manufactured in Doncaster, Yorkshire. However, after Crompton Lamps reacquired their business name in 2006, they relocated to Bradford, West Yorkshire, where they are still based to this day.

What is the history of Crompton Lights?

Crompton Lamps is one the oldest manufacturers in lighting and has switched hands many times since being founded in 1878.

The business began with Colonel Crompton, an entrepreneur who designed and installed some of the earliest recorded electric based lighting, with some of his work being conducted in grand buildings such as the Holyrood Palace or Windsor Castle. 49 years later, a partnership was formed with Frank Parkinson, founding Crompton Parkinson and turning the business into a manufacturing powerhouse, creating a wide range of industrial electrical products.

The business was then acquired by Hawker Siddeley aerospace group in 1968 where it remained until 1991 when the business was acquired by the conglomerate BTR. In 1999, Crompton Lamps was acquired by Cooper Industries, rebranding the company to Cooper Lighting and Security Ltd. However, Cooper Industries withdrew from the lighting industry in 2006, resulting in Crompton Lamps returning to their original name after being acquired by management and being relocated to their present day site in Bradford.

Crompton Lamps was acquired for the last time in October 2011 by GCH Corporation Limited. Despite the eventful history, Crompton Lamps has maintained their top quality and innovative work ethic throughout time and continues to go from strength to strength in the lighting industry.

Who owns Crompton Lamps?

Crompton Lamps has gone through numerous ownership changes since its inception in 1878. Currently, Crompton Lamps is owned by GCH Corporation Limited, a private family business operating in industrial manufacturing and distribution.

What lamps do Crompton offer?

Crompton Lamps offer a comprehensive range of ultra-efficient and long-lasting LED light bulbs and light fittings, manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. These LED light bulbs and fittings are an ideal low-energy replacement for conventional incandescent and halogen lamps, offering a long life of between 25,000 hours and 50,000 hours, excellent colour rendering, multiple colour temperatures and energy savings of 80%. Each LED lamp or fitting is built to meet specific lighting requirements, from functional to decorative, ambient to aesthetic and more.