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Crompton LED Candle Light Bulbs

The Candle lamp is a decorative light source to be displayed and compliment a light fixture. With this in mind Crompton have developed their range of LED Candle Lamps to resemble and retain the innate charm and aesthetic appeal of a traditional Candle lamp, whilst offering all the benefits associated with LED lighting technology. As a direct retrofit replacement for an incandescent bulb each lamp offers an 80% reduction in energy usage, a superb 25,000hr lamp life and a cool running temperature.

Crompton LED Candles are rated at just 4 Watts (40W equivalent) and measures 99mm x 37mm (l x h). This lamp offers a sleek shape and style perfectly suited to enhancing the appeal of chandeliers, pendant lights and table lamps whilst the smooth dimming capability of the Dimmable versions add atmospheric and ambient illumination at the touch of a button.