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Fire Rated Downlights

If you want elegant downlights without reducing the existing fire rating of your ceiling then these fire rated downlights are perfect for you. Maintain safety and security with these downlights that help prevent the spread of fire if one should occur. At BLT Direct we have a wide range of fire rated downlights from a various trusted manufacturers from across the UK. So whether your in the market for low voltage downlights or you are looking for GU10 downlights we have fire rated lighting for you.

Do I need fire rated downlights?

At BLT Direct, protection and safety on all our products is a main priority, this is why we highly recommend fire rated downlights. Fire rated downlights are required in the ceiling of the ground level if you have people living on the second floor. The safety features of our fire rated downlights make them an obvious choice for those looking for stylish but also reliable and protective lighting. More and more people want recessed lighting and are coming straight to BLT Direct to provide safe and quality downlights.  

What is a fire rated led downlight?

When implementing recessed lighting into a ceiling, the fire rating of the ceiling reduces. This is because to install downlights a hole must be cut into the ceiling, allowing for easier spread of fire if one occurs. With our fire rated downlights you can be certain that your ceilings fire rating is maintained, because our fire rated downlights seal off the cut out hole, slowing the spread of fire and buying you precious time in the case of a fire. Protect yourself today and browse our fire rated downlights today. 

Are all IP65 downlights fire rated?

While we stock both IP65 rated and fire rated downlights, it is important that the two are not confused. Not all IP65 rated downlights are fire rated, this is because the IP rating is used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of lighting against foreign elements such as dirt, dust and water. IP65 downlights are rated as dust tight and water resistant, where as the fire rating of a downlight refers to its ability to slow the spread of fire. Some downlights are both IP65 rated and fireproof. We understand that it is hard to know the difference when selecting lighting which is why we make sure all our products are clearly labelled on the website. 

Can you cover led downlights with insulation?

You cannot directly cover non fire rated downlights with insulation, this is why we recommend covering your downlights in a fire protected cover or fire hood. A fire hood is used as a way to isolate the downlight, further helping to prevent the spread of fire and from any other foreign element, such as insulation. If you have any concerns about the safety or installations of your downlights, do not hesitate to get in contact with our experienced team via the form on our website or via telephone on 01473 716418.