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G9 LED Cool White Bulbs

G9 LED Cool White Bulbs are perfect when a more modern look is required and are especially is well suited to kitchens and bathrooms as they give off more of a clean white light feel to your room. These lamps are known as G9 LED Natural white Bulbs and are available in various wattages ranging from 2.5 - 7 watts they a a great way to save money when changing from halogen G9s and also an opportunity to give your environment a fresh clean look at the same time.

What Is The Difference Between Cool White And Natural White?

The best way to get an exact match on colour is always to check the kelvin rating of your existing led bulb. G9 LED Cool White Bulbs are available in 4000k, 4200k and 4500k Instead of cool white some manufactures call it natural white which produces the same coloured light.

What is the Brightest G9 Cool White Bulb?

The brightest G9 Cool White Bulb is a 7 watt 650 lumen lamp that is approximately equivalent to 60 watts in halogen, the benefit of these G9 Cool White LED is that it gives off a crisp white modern light ideal for kitchens or offices.