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G9 LED Bulbs

Introducing a comprehensive range of G9 LED Bulbs that are a straight swap replacement for their old halogen counterparts. This range of G9 lamps offer the same output to traditional halogen lamps, but with all the benefits of LED. Available in three different colour temperatures warm white, cool white and daylight, this range allows you to save money and time on maintenance without sacrificing lumen output or colour quality.

Cool White Dimmable Daylight Warm White

Can I replace G9 halogen bulbs with G9 LED Light Bulbs?

Yes, it is a straight swap resulting in no cosmetic changes to the light and colour output, while benefiting from the energy saving advantages that come with LED. Furthermore, you are also able to switch to different colour temperatures including Warm White (yellow/orange warm light to replicate halogen light bulbs), Cool White (crisp white light that is ideal for use in modern kitchens/bathrooms) or Daylight (a bluey white light that replicates natural daylight and is often used in offices). This allows you to change the look and feel of your room without changing the light fitting, especially useful when many G9 light bulbs are often fitted in chandeliers.

Can you mix different makes of G9 Light Bulbs?

There is no technical reason why you can't mix different G9 LED Bulbs from various manufacturers, however there can sometimes be a slight difference in colour temperature even if you select the same colour. This is due to each manufacturer purchasing a specific LED Bin number across their products to keep consistency of colour temperature and brightness. Therefore, you can compare kelvin and lumen output from bulb to bulb, but the simpler solution is to purchase all your G9 LED bulbs from the same brand.

What is the brightest G9 LED lightbulb?

The brightest G9 Bulb we offer is a 600 lumen 4.8W lamp that is equivalent to 48 watts in halogen, the benefits of these G9 LED Light Bulbs include a long lamp life and reduced running costs compared with its halogen counterpart. For more help with understanding lumens give our video below a look:

What are G9 LED Bulbs used for?

A popular choice for bathrooms, bedrooms or to illuminate small areas around a house or office such as inside cupboards or desks, G9 LED bulbs are great for decorative lighting or accent lighting as a direct, bright beam doesn't distract focus from the feature. G9 LED bulbs can be used for a wide variety of applications and are available in a range of lumens from 180-600 lm, colours including Very Warm White, Warm White, Cool White and Daylight and wattages from 2-6 Watts. In addition, G9 LED bulbs are also a direct retrofit replacement to the existing G9 halogen bulbs.

How long do G9 LED Bulbs last for?

On average, G9 LED Bulbs have a lamp life between 25,000 to 40,000 hours. We recommend checking the technical specifications of your G9 bulb to ensure the expected lamp life meets your expectations as the average lamp life differs from each manufacturer. You should also ensure the installation of your G9 LED bulb is based on the per manufacturer's guidelines. Failure to do so could result in decreased lifespan of your bulb due to exposing the bulb to extreme heat, vibrations or fitting the bulb in an enclosed area to name a few examples.

Do G9 LED Bulbs require a transformer?

Unlike some other bulbs that require the use of transformers or LED drivers to function, G9 LED Bulbs are designed for use with mains voltage and does not require a transformer.

Can all G9 LED Bulbs be dimmed?

Not all G9 LED bulbs can be dimmed, they are, however available in both dimmable and non-dimmable versions. If you require a dimmable version, ensure you install the correct dimmer switch that is compatible with LED lamps. We recommend the Varilight V-Pro dimmer range, which is suitable for 90% of dimmable applications.

Do G9 LED bulbs get hot?

LED G9 bulbs do generate heat, however, not in the same way as traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs do, as a result, they are not hot to touch like older style bulbs. Despite this, you should ensure that the LED G9 bulb is installed correctly and not in a confined space, incorrect installation affects the running temperature and decreases the lamp life of your LED bulb.