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LED Batten Lights for Garage

If you require long-lasting LED batten lights for a garage that offer high output lighting, we can assist you. Our garage LED batten lights are ideal not only for general light purposes but for workspaces too. More and more people are heading straight to BLT Direct when they require LED battens for garages. You can get in touch with us at any time if you need help with finding the right garage LED batten lights for your needs. Our highly experienced customer service advisors know our catalogue inside out and can help you identify products that will serve you well for years.

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For A Garage?

Lighting in areas that may be more infrequently used, as well as potentially be a location where work is done requires reliability, brightness and a long lifespan. Garage LED battens are a great choice for such locations, as they come in different sizes, colours and have incredibly long lifespans. There are LED garage battens available in both indoor IP20 rated and outdoor Ip65 rated for locations that get some moisture build up.

How Bright Should Garage Lights Be?

Garages come in different shapes and sizes, and depending on how the space is being used. Selecting the right garage batten light doesn't need to be a difficult task, as it depends on what you need it for. A single garage of a small size can quite easily be lit for general purposes by a garage led batten with an output of 1200 lumens, however if it is used for work it may be prudent to increase the output to something above 2000 to ensure the workspace is well lit.

Are Fluorescent Lights Brighter Than LED?

This question surprisingly doesn't have a straight forward answer, as fluorescent lighting emits light at a 360 degree angle, meaning that some light gets lost in the fitting it is housed in, whereas LED lights, especially LED batten lights for garages , emit light only on one side. Often the LED will have a list lumen output slightly lower than fluorescent lights, but due to the forward facing nature the LED batten garage lights will end up being brighter in actual applicable light.