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GU10 Halogen Bulbs

GU10 Halogen Bulbs are one of the most common light bulbs in the UK, and you can find this incredibly adaptable bulb in applications from kitchens and bathrooms to conference rooms. They are a high-intensity light source emitting a bright, sparkling natural light far superior to that of an incandescent bulb available in 20,35 and 50 watts. GU10 describes the two-pin base, which twists and locks into the light fittings, including downlighters, wall lights, track lighting and bar ceiling light fittings. This lamp has been superseded in recent years by its energy-efficient LED version; however, many people still prefer the original halogen version's punchy light output.

How to change GU10 Halogen Bulbs

When changing GU10 Halogen light bulbs, it is essential to make sure they have been switched off for a reasonable period as they run at a high temperature and are very hot to touch. To take the bulb out of its fitting, push it slightly, twist it anti-clockwise, and pull the bulb out. In some downlights, there may be a securing clip that you must remove first. 

Are GU10 Halogen Bulbs being phased out?

GU10 Halogen Bulbs were among the most common light bulbs in the UK and can still be found in kitchens, bathrooms and many other locations. They are slowly being phased out as the LED version has a longer lamp life and energy-saving benefits; however, some people still prefer the original halogen version for its punchy sparkly light output.