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Halogen Bulbs

Our enormous collection of halogen light bulbs is sure to cater to any need. These bright, eco-friendly bulbs offer excellent light output and a long life span, many bulbs lasting thousands of hours. From the popular GU10 and G9 halogen bulbs to the more unusual infrared lamps and coloured bulbs, you’ll find the halogen lighting solution that fits your criteria perfectly in this section. Ideal for general, creative, and accent lighting applications, you can use halogen lamps to create a welcoming, warm and friendly atmosphere in your own home or a business setting.
We stock an expansive variety of wattages, voltages, caps, and shapes that produce bright light without burning out too quickly. Many of these halogen options will soon be phased out across the EU, so if you want to stock up on these affordable bulbs, now is the time! Browse the complete range here today at BLT Direct, and get in touch with our team if you need any assistance choosing a halogen light bulb that is perfect for you.

Can you still buy halogen light bulbs?

With new innovative LED bulbs now widely available, the popularity of halogen lamps has decreased. This is because halogen light bulbs are more expensive, less energy-efficient, and less durable than LED bulbs. Furthermore, the UK government has announced a ban on the sale of halogen lighting from September 2021 to combat climate change, so it's better to buy now if you're planning on stocking up. Despite this, BLT Direct has a comprehensive selection including, GU10s, MR16s, Reflectors, and halogen G9 bulbs, for those who desire a traditional look and feel.

Are halogen bulbs better than incandescent?

Halogen lights are far superior to incandescent bulbs in every way. With a longer lamp life, reduced energy waste, and cheaper running costs, halogen bulbs are a better choice for homes and businesses. BLT Direct also stock a wide range of eco halogen light bulbs designed to increase the energy efficiency of halogen bulbs and reduce power consumption. Halogen light bulbs also typically have an increased lumen output compared to incandescents because they operate at a higher temperature and have an increased colour temperature, allowing them to burn brighter than incandescents. 

Is it worth replacing halogen with LED?

LED bulbs are the most energy-efficient, cost-effective bulbs on the market for long-term projects. With reduced power consumption, cheaper running costs, and improved light quality, it's easy to see why people switch from halogen to LED. LED bulbs are often a direct replacement for halogens for effortless installation and can utilise different colour temperatures and light colours, giving you more options than ever. Halogen lamps are cheaper to buy and can be used effectively if you only need them for a short period of time, below 3000 hours. Contrarily, LED lights can last for upwards of 50,000 hours and are far more economical for a more permanent lighting fixture. 

What is the wattage difference between an equivalent LED and Halogen?

The biggest difference between a LED and a halogen is in its energy efficiency. Halogen bulbs are inefficient and have a far greater power consumption compared to a similar LED bulb. For example, a standard 50w halogen GU10 has an LED equivalent wattage of just 4.5w. This reduced power consumption means that LED bulbs are far cheaper to run and help save the environment. If you are switching from halogen to LED, it is best to check the equivalent wattage to ensure that your new bulb has the same light output and is a direct replacement.