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Incandescent Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are the traditional light bulbs that have been the mainstay of UK lighting for decades but have recently reduced in popularity due to the growing demand for energy-efficient alternatives such as LED bulbs.These highly recognisable lamps may have started to be phased out, but if you’re after a dimmable and comforting light to add to your home, we stock a wide range of options for you at BLT Direct that will become the perfect addition to your space.

At BLT Direct, we don’t just offer our customers a large stock of many traditional incandescent lamps and bulbs, but also many unusual and application-specific incandescent light bulbs that we’re certain you won’t be able to find anywhere else online. Many of the lamps that you’ll find in our collection are either low voltage or specialist bulbs that can be used in many different applications, from indoor lights in your living room, to office and commercial applications. We also stock a host of filament lamps such as blacklight blue, daylight, growlux and fireglow that can deliver a range of different atmospheres as well as traditional lighting solutions.

Incandescent bulbs have a variety of cap bases, the most common being Edison Screw (E27) or Bayonet Cap (B22) and come in either matte or clear glass finishes, these finishes will alter the amount of light emitted into your room and can make a big difference. Matte or frosted glass will soften the light, whereas clear glass will give a much brighter and vibrant effect to your room. The most common form of incandescent lamp, that you’re probably most familiar with, is the standard GLS, a pear-shaped bulb, but it’s now possible to get incandescent lamps in a whole host of different shapes and sizes—all of which you’ll be able to easily find in our collection at BLT Direct.

The light that comes from an incandescent lamp will fill any room with an even distribution of light, meaning that no area of your space is left darker, or lighter, than another. This even and natural effect has made this type of lamp extremely popular when used in homes or workspaces to create a positive and aesthetic atmosphere.We pride ourselves at BLT Direct on only stocking the most high-quality and low-cost incandescent bulbs that meet all of our customer’s needs. Whether you’re looking to find the perfect new bulb to add light to your room, or need to replace your current bulb, we’re sure to have the right product for you. This is why we have over half a million extremely satisfied customers who return to us again and again for all of their lighting needs.

Are incandescent light bulbs still made?

Although they are no longer as common as they once were, incandescent light bulbs are still being made and can be found easily online, although normally without a large range of choice. This is unless you’re shopping at BLT Direct where we still stock some of the more unusual and rare incandescent lamp shapes. Recently, a lot more people have preferred the use of LED lighting in their homes. This is largely down to these bulbs being better for the environment and because they tend to last a lot longer than incandescent bulbs. However, many still prefer the atmosphere created by incandescent light. Recently, new policies have been put into place that seeks to limit the use of incandescent light bulbs and phase out the production of similar high energy bulbs completely. In the future, we expect to see the production of incandescent lamps decrease in favour of energy-efficient lighting options even further.

Are incandescent light bulbs dangerous?

Incandescent light bulbs are not particularly dangerous, the main reason that we have seen their popularity reduce is simply that energy-efficient alternatives are more preferable to modern customers who want to get the most out of their money. Although they aren’t dangerous in themselves, incandescent lights can cause hazards if not used correctly. They are made using thin glass that can easily shatter when dropped, and also heat up when turned on which is why they must be fitted in an appropriate light fitting.

What is better LED or incandescent light bulbs?

The choice between LED and incandescent light bulbs is a personal one, and different lights may work better for different customers’ needs and spaces.Incandescent light bulbs are your traditional bulbs that deliver a comforting and warm light that will make any room feel cosy and welcoming. These bulbs are also the cheapest at face value, although may not last as long as their LED alternatives. If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and long-lasting light bulb that won’t cost you as much in the long run, you may decide to choose an LED bulb for your space. Whatever bulb you decide is right for you, at BLT Direct we have a comprehensive collection of products that are ideal for replacing your current bulbs and elevating your space.

What are the pros and cons of incandescent light bulbs?

The pros of incandescent light bulbs are that they’re the most inexpensive at face value. You’ll most commonly find that an incandescent bulb works out to be a lot cheaper than an LED bulb, this is mainly due to the fact that they are much more affordable to produce. Incandescent lamps also emit and distribute light in a natural and even way that makes them perfect for any room in your house. They work great in the office and work settings as the type of light they emit accurately show the colours of objects and skin tones without casting any sort of coloured tint.

The cons of incandescent lights are that they require a lot more energy to power than energy-efficient alternatives. This means that they will not last as long, and will also cost you a lot more in electricity bills over time. Another con of incandescent lights is that they are on their way out. Recently there have been directives and policies set out by the European Union to limit the sales of these kinds of bulbs in favour of more environmentally-friendly options. This may mean that if you choose to use incandescent bulbs now, by the time you come to replace them you may find it hard to purchase a bulb. The reason incandescent bulbs use so much energy is that a lot is wasted in generating heat rather than lighting a room.

Are incandescent bulbs better for your eyes?

Incandescent bulbs create a natural, warm light that is very easy on the eyes and isn’t too harsh. These kinds of warm light also produce fewer UV rays which can sometimes cause damage to your eyes. Typically, the opinion is that harsh, white lights can be the most damaging to your eyes so it’s always best to reduce the use of these kinds of lights, or use a mix of different types in your spaces to avoid causing any eye damage.

How long do incandescent bulbs last?

The average incandescent bulb is expected to last the user around 2,000 hours, this is when tested in typical conditions. If we consider that the average person uses their lights for around 4 hours every day, this average life span works out at just under 2 years of use, but it will of course vary based on different customers.