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GU10 LED Bulbs

At BLT Direct we stock a comprehensive range of GU10 LED Bulbs to give you the customer the solution that helps you make the right choice when replacing your old halogen bulbs or finding a match when replacing your existing GU10 Bulbs. We have competitively priced Sylvania and Megaman dimmable versions that are available in Daylight, Cool White and Warm White that provide a straight swap solution in 99% of GU10 Downlighters.

We also stock Narrow or Wide Beam for more specialist applications as well as High CRI Lamps available in the Soraa Brand that are excellent for Art Galleries or where colour rendition is important. If its the brightest high light output your are looking for we stock 10 watt and 11 watt lamps that will give you the equivalent of up to 100 watts. Check out our Q&As at the bottom of this page for more help.

Warm White Cool White Daylight Dimmable Coloured Smart Bulb Narrow Beam Long Barrel

Are All GU10 LED Bulbs The Same Size?

GU10 LED Bulbs are not all the same shape and size so its important to measure you bulb before you buy.The traditional GU10 Light Bulbs are 53 mm in height and 50 mm in diameter and most LED GU10s are this standard size however our full range also includes “long barrel” versions which are 75 mm long instead of the traditional 53 mm. Other specialist variations include a 35 mm, 64mm and 111mm diameter versions.

Are All GU10 LED Bulbs Dimmable?

GU10 LED Bulbs are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable options. When selecting a dimmable bulb it is important to keep in mind that LED compatible dimmers will be required to match the lower wattages of LED GU10 bulbs. We have found the Varilight V-Pro dimmers are the best in market for compatibility across brands as these provide a lower dimming capability of 10 watts for applications when using a small number of lamps..

Can I Replace GU10 Halogen Bulbs With GU10 LED Bulbs?

Yes as GU10 bulbs run on mains voltage it is a straight swap. Switching to LED bulbs gives you the option of a different look and feel in your home from warm white to daylight. Our LED light bulbs are available in Warm White (yellow/orange warm light to replicate halogen light bulbs), Cool White (crisp white light that is ideal for use in modern kitchens/bathrooms) or Daylight (a bluey white light that replicates natural daylight) with wattages ranging from 2 watts up to the brightest 11 watt versions. All the light bulbs above are perfect for general lighting purposes.


How Long Will GU10 LED Light Bulbs Last?

All brands of GU10 LED Light Bulbs have a long life and on average last anywhere from 15000-30000 hours which compared to their halogen counterparts which for last around 2000 hours and as LED bulbs produce very little heat they waste much less energy. For example iIf a LED has an average lamp life of 15,000 hours and electricity costs 12p/kWh the saving would be around £82 for the life one lamp so if you have 10no Halogen GU10s in your kitchen and you replace them with LED GU10s you will save £820.00 over the life of the lamps and also on the maintenance costs of replacing the old halogen lamps several times.

Are GU10 LED Lamps And GU10 LED Bulbs The Same Thing?

The majority of people refer to a lamp as a light “bulb” relating more to their shape. And therefore refer to a “lamp” as an actual fitting that houses the bulb, like a desk lamp or floor lamp or table lamp and the bulb is only part of it. Lamp and bulb can be somewhat interchangeable, it depends where you look. and It may originate that a "lamp” was powered by other light. So the answer is yes they are the same thing.

Looking for more information? Check out our "Everything You Should Know About GU10 LED Bulbs" article.