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Narrow Beam GU10 LED Bulbs

Introducing our range of Narrow beam led GU10 bulbs from quality manufacturers including Soraa and Casell Lighting. Narrow beam GU10 bulbs are used for applications such as highlighting a picture or some clothes in shop by directing a narrow beam of light on the subject. A GU10 is classed as a narrow beam when it has a beam angle is less than 25 degrees with some versions having beam angles as little as 10 degrees.

Whats The Difference Between a Narrow Beam GU10 LED and Standard GU10s?

Different beam angles are available in most spotlights to give the consumer the choice for the spread of light that the lamp projects, narrow beam lamps are ideal when a narrow beam of light is required for example a exhibition may require a narrow beam gu10 to highlight a picture on a wall where as a standard beam lamp would not give the focus on the subject.

Anything over a 25 degree beam angle would be considered a standard beam and these are used in the home to provide a wider spread of light in living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Anything under 25 degree would then be considered a narrow beam angle and used more for feature lighting.

How to Select The Right Beam Angle

When selecting a Narrow Beam GU10 there are a few things you should keep in mind:

1. The room you intend to illuminate size
2. The number and space between the gu10 holders/downlights
3. Ceiling height
4. Your desired ambience

If you are looking to direct light to accentuate certain features then a narrow beam gu10 would be perfect for the job. If however you are looking to illuminate a large room then a wide (greater than 25 degree) would be better suited. Personal preference comes into making the right decision on beam angles so sometimes it is best to try different options before settling on the final lamps.

Still Not Sure Which Beam Angle?

If you are still confused on beam angles then give our dedicated beam angle page a visit.  Alternatively you can call our friendly sales team anytime and they will be happy to advise you further on the best Narrow Beam GU10.