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Philips Metal Halide Ballasts

Introducing a long-lasting and reliable range of Metal Halide Ballasts from Philips Lighting that are equipped with ThermoSwtch technology for end of life protection. Included in this portfolio are BSN ballasts suitable for use with HPS lamps. These electromagnetic copper ballasts are for use with an external semi-parallel ignitor, and can be used in combination with superimposed ignitors.

The benefits of this range include protection from overheating, minimal watt loses due to orthocyclic winding and the gear can be installed remotely.

The BSN ballasts detailed here offer an excellent service life of up to 15 years, are resistant to chemical impact and humid conditions. BSN gear is ideal for outdoor lighting, in particular, road and tunnel illumination. BMH ballasts are also suitable for outdoor lighting as well as horticultural applications where energy efficient and cost effective solutions are required.