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Philips T5 High Frequency Ballasts

Detailed below is the Philips Lighting range of High Frequency Ballasts using mains voltage for T5 (15mm diameter) Fluorescent Lamps. These flat, lightweight HF electronic regulating ballasts optimise system efficiency, thereby reducing energy consumption and costs. Features of these exceptional units include constant light output, 'intelligent' technology that automatically recognises lamps, overvoltage protection and programmed, flicker-free, pre-heated start.

These fixed output non-dimmable units also allow the exchange of TL5 HO and HE lamps of the same length and offer automatic stop within 5 seconds in case of lamp failure.

The choice of single, twin, triple or quad ballasts combine with high performance to make these units perfect for applications where high switching levels and efficiency are required; in offices, hospitals, supermarkets, schools, industrial premises, airports and the like. These units are also suitable for emergency lighting fixtures and with infrared remote control systems (e.g. movement detection).