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Philips T8 High Frequency Ballasts

A comprehensive portfolio of Fixed Output High Frequency Ballasts for T8 (25mm diameter) Fluorescent Tubes. This range includes single, twin, triple and quad ballasts for lamps rated between 18W and 70 Watts and are ideal for applications where high energy efficiency is required. High switching levels have no impact on the 50,000 hour service life of these ballasts; in fact this unit boasts at least 60,000 on/off lamp switches.

 Programmed flicker-free lighting and pre-heated start combine with over/under voltage protection to deliver a high specification product.

These ballasts are suitable for Class 1 outdoor applications such as industrial premises and parking lots, as well as light-hungry applications such as hospitals, educational establishments, department stores and offices. These lightweight, slim units offer the flexibility of horizontal manual, push-in robot wiring or vertical ALF-robot wiring.