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Eco Halogen Light Bulbs

Introducing a fantastic selection of Energy Saving Halogen Light Bulbs, an improved form of Halogen Lighting that offers increased energy efficiency over the standard halogen bulb. The Halogen light source is renowned for excellent light quality and consistent luminosity throughout the entire life of the lamp. Traditionally halogen lamps last on 2,000 hours, which is twice that of an incandescent bulb, whilst burning up to 4 times brighter.

Furthermore the standard halogen bulb saves 10-20% on energy consumption compared to the incandescent lamp. The Energy Saving Halogen Lamp still offers a lamp life of 2,000 hours, HOWEVER, the filament burns even more brightly and energy consumption is reduced substantially compared to the alternative; saving 50% in energy usage compared to an incandescent and 30% compared to a halogen lamp. Halogen lighting is also very affordable!

Energy Saving Halogens come in all shapes, wattages, voltages, caps and bases. In fact they look the same and fit the same as the standard halogen but cost much less to run. So whether you want anaesthetically pleasing flame tipped candle lamp, a capsule lamp for a dental lamp or an ever popular GU10 light bulb it will be here.