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Aurora Recessed Ground/Wall Lights

Aurora Lighting, a leader in the lighting industry that designs and manufactures a complete range of lighting products of excellent quality and innate style. The simplest of ideas often has the biggest impact and to this end Aurora have created a fantastic selection of Recessed Ground Lights in both LED and Halogen formats that will light to, in and around your property or business.

Within each section you can see high quality products, all weather resistant and many even submersible to withstand even the harshest of winter weather or a family car!

Each product has been designed with thought to the final application; there are drive-over lights that will withstand vehicles up to 1500kg, walk-over HID and LED lights as well as tiny marker lights and large multi-directional fixtures. With a choice of temperatures and wattages to choice from it is easy to create a contemporary or traditional trail of light along driveways, paths, borders, up steps and down lawns. Our range of LED ground lights offer all the benefits associated with LED technology; an 80% reduction in energy usage, cool running temperature and extended lamp life of up to 30,000 hours.